Hello everyone. I just launched a Kickstarter campaign. If you liked Carrot Cafe! and would like to help me fund it and get some cool rewards while you're at it, go to: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/sootface/carrot-cafe-visual-novel-dating-si...

See you there!


  • Added Satoshi's Room
  • Added Carrot Cafe Interior
  • Added Locations Panel
  • Added Information Panel
  • Improved UI
  • Added Prologue
  • Removed S & L save and load and replaced with buttons


  • Removed mini-game
  • Save (S) & Load (L) game

*061017 Update*

  • Slower sperms
  • Faster mini-game
  • Larger hitbox for the sperm
  • Gallery section for unlocked scenes

This is just a Demo! Not the full game. 

About the game: You'll be playing as Satoshi. A high-school newly grad who'll be working in Carrot Cafe, an all-girls maid cafe.

If you liked this demo, consider supporting it on Patreon. The Uncensored Version will be available on June 7 (on my patreon page).

I would love to hear your feedback. :)


Development log


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The art style on this demo is just freaking beautiful. The backgrounds are a lot nicer than i was expecting, they're gorgeous.  As an artist i just love the effort that went into the art of the game.

Didn't expect a YouTube to do a let's play, didn't you lires. Well, it seemed fun to try the game out and I did. Did get caught off guard with the ending of demo (thought it was just ecchi tbh XD). But nevertheless made a good let's play of i

i unlocked the cafe but i cant get passed it. help meh plz

click on the green tab in the bottom right then the red map pointer icon


That was unexpected


Sooo... when do we get to try the full game?

I'm impressed with the new update. I had checked out the demo out for the minigame a couple of months ago and I can see how much you're improving. I just wish the demo was downloadable just like how the minigame was. Keep up the good work bud.

Thank you! My next build will be downloadable. I'm currently working on it. :)

Also I dont know if you've  thought about it but in the main game you should use the mini game to reward the players that win them an extra scene or bonus and just give the players the option to skip the minigame to play the regular scene or get the bonus scene from the minigame once getting the perfect since it would be a shame not to use the minigame. Please excuse my english if there are grammar errors as it is not my first language.

I'll think about how I could integrate your idea. ^-^

Some real potential here! The time and effort that has gone into those animations really shows, ill be interested in seeing how this progresses!

Thank you very much. I make sure that I put all my effort in all the animations I do. :)

cool art :)

thanks nyantea! :)

Amazing art i cant wait for the full game!!!!

:O I can't believe I missed this comment! Thank you very much. The art & animation will still improve! I'm working on it everyday. :)

The art is beautiful, looking forward to the full thing

Thank you very much. :)

It has a beautiful art style, I love it! 

Thanks so much! :)